The Reporter: It was not quite relief but at last a sense of location, of reality, that came on the South Lawn of the White House later in that strangely balmy evening. With terrific noise and lots of wind, resembling a monstrous wasp, the brown army helicopter bearing President Johnson bore down on the White House, hovered a moment, and then came to rest on the floodlit lawn…. almost at once the exchange of gossipy desperate questions among reporters was altered. The known, manageable Washington seemed to return with Johnson. Where was he going? reporters now demanded. Who was he seeing? What was the President going to do?


The sources

The accounts in the preceding narrative were drawn from the following sources:

MERRIMAN SMITH: “The Murder of the Young President,” eyewitness story published November 23 and distributed as a pamphlet by United Press International.

MALCOLM KILDUFF: round table broadcast by station WINS, New York, and the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, published as “The Murder of a President,” in the New York Post, December 30 - January 3.

JACK BELL: story distributed by The Associated Press on November 22; AP Log, November 20-26.

ROBERT E. BASKIN: Dallas Morning News, November 23.

BOB JACKSON: story distributed by The Associated Press, November 22.

RONNIE DUGGER: “The Last Voyage of Mr. Kennedy,” The Texas Observer, November 29.


TOM WICKER: Times Talk (New York Times house publication), December.


SID DAVIS: WINS broadcast.

TOM KIRKLAND: Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle, quoted in Editor & Publisher, November 30.

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The Editors