Kaiser Heads to Hillman Foundation

Here's a complete archive of his CJR columns

Charles Kaiser’s Full Court Press column has moved to the Web site of the Sidney Hillman Foundation. This is a complete archive of the FCP columns that Kaiser wrote for CJR.

May 2009

05/22/09: Tortured Logic, “Dueling Speeches” Edition - Media overplay, under-analyze yesterday’s torture arguments

05/13/09: “Good Deeds, and Good Works” - In memoriam: Eden Ross Lipson

05/08/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Ifill, Bumiller, Sulzberger, and more

05/07/09: Above the Fold: The Pentagon Capers - The mainstream media are silent on the Pentagon’s repudiation of its own report

April 2009

04/28/09: Above the Fold: Ross Report Revisited - Kaiser on Stelter, Ross, and the 2007 CIA waterboarding interview

04/23/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Shane, Maddow, Kaplan, and more

04/22/09: Above the Fold: Know-Nothings at the NYT - Times waterboarding story reports, demonstrates ignorance of history

04/21/09: Above the Fold: Waiting in the Lobby - The Obama administration needs to rethink its blanket “no lobbyists” policy

04/17/09: Above the Fold: Memos of (Mis)understanding - For the torture memos, too, sunlight is the best disinfectant

04/15/09: Above the Fold: Beltway Journalism, “Swallowed by an Hourglass” - It’s long past time to expand the spectrum of Sunday-show punditry

04/10/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Danner, Poniewozik, Rove, Vanity Fair, and more

04/10/09: Above the Fold: Our Financial Follies - Black and Born prove it yet again: we need to regulate the regulators

04/03/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Vanity Fair, Ed Henry, and Colbert

04/03/09: Above the Fold: Colin Powell, American Coward - The general continues to debunk the myth of his own greatness

March 2009

03/24/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Goldberger, Cohen, Greenwald, Wolff, and more

03/23/09: Above the Fold: The Torture Report - Mark Danner rakes Guantánamo’s muck

03/13/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Jon Stewart, Nathaniel Frank, David Gates and more

03/10/09: Above the Fold: The Whole Truth About Torture - Is it “unfair” to single out Bush’s torture advisors for prosecution?

03/03/09: Above the Fold: Remembering John Leonard - Literary lions celebrate the legendary critic

03/02/09: Above the Fold: The Best and Worst of Television - Kaiser on Kroft, Markopolos, Santelli, and more

February 2009

02/27/09: Above the Fold: Barack’s Bold Budget - “The most radical document of its kind since Reagan’s first year in office”

02/19/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Delonas, Hertzberg, Rich, Moyers, and more

02/19/09: Above the Fold: Cruel Intentions? - Savage’s stellar Times piece on Obama’s torture policy

02/10/09: Above the Fold: “The Thrill Is Gone” - Across the Atlantic, Washington’s myopia seems more exaggerated than usual

02/05/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Daschle, Newsweek, Philip Bennett, and more

January 2009

01/21/09: Above the Fold: This Land Is Our Land - Obama’s inauguration was a celebration forty years in the making

01/19/09: Above the Fold: More Tortured Logic - Dick Cheney, Susan Crawford, Jim Lehrer, and “moving forward”

01/12/09: Above the Fold: What Would Dick Do? - Kaiser on Newsweek’s “What Would Cheney Do?” cover

01/06/09: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Barney Frank, Benoit Denizet-Lewis, Benjamin Button, and others

December 2008

12/23/08: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Lesley Stahl, Barney Frank, Ruth Marcus, and others

12/19/08: Above the Fold: Times Tongue Tied on Torture - Cheney’s waterboarding admission gets no play from NYT

12/15/08: Above the Fold: Bailout Buyer’s Remorse - The endless ironies of the Republican opposition to saving Detroit

12/11/08: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on BlagoGate, the NYT, NBC, and others

12/08/08: Above the Fold: Stand by Me - A musical journey ten years in the making

12/05/08: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Maslin, Stewart, NBC, and others

12/04/08: Above the Fold: Sins of Omission - NYT strategically chops Sen. Feinstein’s statement on torture

12/03/08: Above the Fold: Slanting the Torture Story - Everything you won’t learn about torture in The New York Times

12/01/08: Above the Fold: Complex Analysis

November 2008

11/25/08: Winners & Sinners - Kaiser on Michelle Cottle, Hendrik Hertzberg, Jim Sleeper, and others

11/24/08: Above the Fold: Down the Rabbit Hole - John Cassidy, Joe Nocera, and others trace our economic ruination

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