However, quality newsvideo can be found on broadcast and cable-TV websites. While many may be “repurposed for the Web,” there are stories of value, interest, and high quality being produced everyday for the digital age. This is, in part, because a significant number of those TV photographers whose jobs were threatened and were always true believers in video storytelling saw their world changing and became MMJs themselves. Broadcast TV photographers are helping to build the foundation of online video news worth watching.

Bill Goetz
News photographer, KVAL-TV
Eugene, OR


In a piece about Russia Today in our September/October issue, we misidentified Sophie Shevardnadze as the daughter of Georgia’s second president. She is his granddaughter. We also wrote that RT had “aired” ads that conflated Barack Obama with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ads were posted on billboards, not broadcast. And in our September/October Lower Case, we misspelled Corvallis in Corvallis Gazette-Times. We regret the errors.

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