Huffington Post Goes Supersonic

What do you love/hate about The Huffington Post?

Change is in air at the Huffington Post, dahhhh-link. We may not know what the new Huffington Post Media Group will look like when it emerges from the $315 million AOL deal announced this weekend, but chances are it will look at least a little different than the throw-it-at-the-wall site in place today. Arianna Huffington yesterday wrote in an e-mail to contributors that the merger “makes it possible for us to execute our vision at light speed…it will be like stepping of a fast-moving train and onto a supersonic jet.” With that in mind, we thought it might be good to initiate a Huffington Post retrospective and ask: What were some of your favorite—and some of the most aggravating—aspects of HuffPo in its “train days”? Let us know how you have spent your time with the Huffington Post before that supersonic jet starts revving its engine. And if you haven’t spent much of your time there, tell us why.

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