Olympic Media: Who’s Owning the Podium?

And who oughta be disqualified?

Here we are right in the midst of Olympics season, and just like everyone else, CJR has caught the snow bug and witnessed plenty of sports performances worthy of morning-after chatter.

But what sports journalism performances ought to win a medal? Who is doing the best job explaining the physics of ski jumping? Who is turning in athlete profiles that get beyond the trite? Whose calling
and commentary keeps you entertained and informed?

And, far off the winners stand, who’s been fouling it up? Do you think that NBC’s coverage has overdone the USA rah-rah? Are you bothered by the inevitable tape delay broadcasts? Do you still not understand curling? Did the press focus too much—or present too graphically—the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili?

Sound off (with plenty of cowbell) below.

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