Age of Aquarius

We’ve heard the pundits prognosticate long and officiously about the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. We’ve watched as the Democratic hopefuls debate, scrutinizing their body language, speaking skills and temperament, attempting to divine leadership qualities and, yes, electability. We’ve Zogbyed, Pewed and Galluped, hoping for insights.

But confronted with this item over morning coffee, Campaign Desk found itself momentarily at a loss for words.

Writing today for The New York Times Op-Ed page, Erin Sullivan, an astrologer and author from Santa Fe (where else) provides these insights straight from the nighttime skies: Howard Dean is “both deep and shallow.” John Kerry has “a strong sense of responsibility.” John Edwards is “capable of exceptional dualism.” Wesley Clark is “a man’s man.” Dennis Kucinich’s life is “at a major juncture;” Joseph Lieberman is “hard working and dependable,” and Al Sharpton has “lofty intentions.”

What have we here?

Is it a floor wax, or is it a hair gel?

Put another way … is it a welcome relief from the thumbsucking punditry masked as reportage washing over us from all fronts lately … or is it some Times editor with a grey ponytail, given inexplicable license to revert wistfully back to his mis-spent youth?

We pass this burden on to readers; you decide.


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Susan Q. Stranahan wrote for CJR.