Clark’s Campaign Makeover

ABC News’s Deborah Apton, on the road with Gen. Wesley Clark, reports today on some of the Clark campaign’s recent tactical changes. For one thing, Apton writes, Clark has begun attacking his competition, criticizing “the Johns” on their voting records. Apton also observes some changes in “the look” of the Clark campaign — specifically, the General’s fresh approach to hairstyling (“a little less comb-over and messed; a little more volume and styled”) and his new way of wearing shirts (“a little more open around the neck.”). Apton speculates that “Mrs. Clark” is the brain behind the casual Clark strategy. Later in the piece, Apton tackles the more mundane matters of the Clark’s advertising and fundraising efforts.

It takes a keen eye to pick up on such subtleties of style (and there were many keen eyes following Al Gore’s campaign — and clothing — in 2000). A gentle reminder from Campaign Desk to our colleagues on the road: you are covering election campaigns in Michigan, not catwalks in Milan.


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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.