And finally, it is a different sort of “scary America” that has WebSlog issuing an “Alarming Meme Watch” this morning (prompted by a story in the Detroit Free Press on the “boom in overweight U.S. babies.”) Writes WebSlog: “I’m sad for babies being born overweight. But I’m already waaaay sad about how we as a nation will handle this emerging story,” before going on to map out “how the story will play out.” On August 10: “Fat Babies story first runs in national media. Pop-culture pundit wannabes and bloggers rejoice as the story gives them something else to write about other than the coming Apocalypse.” Five days from now: “The national media juggernaut awakens, shakes off the dust and slouches off toward the nation’s parks and day-care centers. Fat babies are filmed playing from the neck down (to protect their anonymity) and reaching for zwieback as concerned voice-overs nationwide drone on about baby obesity … the coming storm.” Also in our future, according to WebSlog? The “mandatory ‘Fattest Towns in America for Babies’ fauxsearch study. … supported by a media tour featuring noted Baby Obesity Expert,” “Fox News reporting that American babies have never been healthier,” “a photo opp of Pres. Bush running with a group of babies” and, eventually, a “No Babies’ Fat Behinds Act of 2006.”

Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.