Not Even an Hors d’ Oeuvre for Adam?

Check out this snippy little report filed by the Associated Press’s Adam Ashton.

First Ashton tells us that the President mingled at a fund-raiser, held in an historic Washington home, meeting and greeting donors. And that’s where something a little “off” creeps into Ashton’s tone. To wit: “Meanwhile, Bush sent his wife to Georgia to collect cash for his re-election campaign.”

To our ear, that sounds more like a thug sent to Georgia by Tony Soprano than it does like a first lady dispatched by her husband.

A few paragraphs later, we learn what had put Ashton in such a foul mood — the press was denied entrance to the fundraising luncheon and had to wait outside in the cold while the president “mingled.”

We feel the pain of all the Adams on the campaign trail — it’s tough out there in the trenches.


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Thomas Lang was a writer at CJR Daily.