Presidential Potty Mouth Has Bloggers Atwitter

Online pundits weigh in on President Bush's use of the "s-bomb" during a conversation with Tony Blair at the G-8 summit.

Earlier today at the G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, President George W. Bush was caught (dramatic pause) swearing.

“U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his frustration over the situation in the Middle East by using an expletive in comments to British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg Monday,” reported the Associated Press.

“See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this (expletive),” Bush told Blair, according to the AP.

Bloggers reacted by doing what they do best — that is, a whole lot of shit-talking.

“God our president’s dumb,” writes Jason. “Bush, not realizing he was being recorded, let the cat out of the bag about how he’s trying to start shit w/ Syria even behind the scenes. Will this guy ever stop trying to start wars that are bad for this country?”

“Not very good conduct for a ‘good Christian’ such as himself,” writes Blanton’s and Ashton’s Web log. “I consider the man to be an abomination to the Christian religion and a terrible example of what a supposedly religious people are or should be.”

“Apparently, the leader of the free world was heard to be using the ‘s’-word while speaking to Tony Blair about Kofi Annan and the fact that he’s not ‘doing anything’ to help end the strife in the Middle East,” writes the Chronic Somnambulist (getting the story wrong.) “The irony of this story hit me on many levels.

“I don’t condone swearing in the slightest, I think it makes the user of such words sound juvenile and uneducated, so why is it such a shock that the widely beloved Texas ‘s’-bomb came out of Bush?” added the Chronic Somnambulist.

Other bloggers praised the president for not mincing words about what is undeniably a fecal situation.

“I wish that diplomatic niceties allowed President Bush to make such a statement publicly, rather than confining it to a private conversation,” notes Rhymes With Right.

“Really, it’s just the expletive,” writes Prowler 1971. “He appears to have used it very well. I can get behind the proper use of foul language.”

Finally, some bloggers suggested that it was members of the media, not the president, who ought to be washing their mouths out with soap.

“Israel and Lebanon are bombing the fuck out of each other and you are going to interrupt that real news to talk about and over-analyze that Bush was overheard using an expletive?” asks His Hamstress. “He’s Bush. He’s from Texas. He’s facing a huge crisis. Is this really what you need to be talking about? Fucking Christ people. Priorities.”

“Would someone please tell me why this is news?” writes Sly Squirrel. “Amid all this political and war-torn turmoil, the strongest dirt the press can pull is ‘Bush said a dirty word!’? … I still don’t give a shit that the president says shit, just as a majority of Americans are apt to do on occasion.”

Not to mention, a majority of bloggers.

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Felix Gillette writes about the media for The New York Observer.