Uncovering the Anti-Vote

Much has been written about the intensity of partisanship in this election campaign. Both polls and anecdotal accounts from the field seem to indicate that this year people are voting against as much as they are voting for.

But nothing captures that sentiment better than a Los Angeles Times piece by Matea Gold this morning:

Many of those who turned out to cheer [Kerry] said they were looking ahead to November as well. “I would vote for anybody to get rid of George Bush,” said Barb Marsh, a chemical dependency counselor from Neighborville, Ill. “You could put a duck up there and I’d support it,” said her friend Lois Carlson, a financial planner from Willowbrook, Ill.

Given the rapidity of Republican response to Kerry as the likely Democratic candidate, it seems safe to say we’ll soon be hearing similar sentiments from the passionate Right, namely folks eager to vote for ABK — Anybody But Kerry.

So, kudos to the Los Angeles Times for perfectly encapsulating the rabid sentiments of that contingent who vote against, and not for.


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Steve Lovelady was editor of CJR Daily.