As quickly as this project has grown, and as directly inspired as it was by this particular disaster, the founders say they can also see real potential for the platform’s extended life. “We want to keep it open-source, and we want to keep the process transparent, so that when another event happens, that this entire platform could be turned on again, or replicated,” says Kennan.

To that end, they are applying for grants and soliciting reader donations, to help build and support the technology needed to help the project continue. Kennan added that it made no difference to them whether the platform is used by the same network of journalists the next time around, or by anyone else. What matters is that Storyline can be of use to the people who have the stories to tell, at just the time when they may need to tell them most.

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Lauren Kirchner is a freelance writer covering digital security for CJR. Find her on Twitter at @lkirchner