I ask her how 2011 is shaping up, with the Arab Spring of revolutions, Japan’s earthquake and nuclear disaster, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. She sees it as a test case for her career and for the industry at large. “We’ve had more news in the last three months than all of 2010,” she says.

Multiple, big-news stories are a challenge not just for GlobalPost as an emerging force, but also for larger news organizations, Sobecki says. “Everyone’s running to cover stories the way they deserve to be covered,” she says, back in Istanbul long enough to pack for a trip to Berlin. “But you never have all the resources you want to tell all the stories you want to tell.”

Correction: This piece originally misspelled the last name of a photographer living in Istanbul. She is Monique Jaques, not Jacques. CJR regrets the error.


Nathan Deuel (nathandeuel.com) is a writer based in Turkey and Iraq.