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Claire McCaskill

CJR Holds a Town Hall in Missouri

Do the pols represent the voters?

As Barack Obama’s bus cruised through the heartland last week, the media told us a fair amount about what the... More

Playing It Safe the McCaskill Way

David Gregory’s lame interview

I guess it’s too much to hope that the Sunday morning news shows could ever rise above the typical blather... More


The bogeyman is back!

The Columbia Daily Tribune digs up the $716 billion Medicare scare

Aw come on! We would have thought by now the $716 billion Medicare bogeyman was dead and buried. Maybe not.... More

Brick by brick - After years of shrinking ambition at The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos has the paper thinking global domination

The toy department shall lead us - Why sports media have always been newsroom innovators

Rosie the scribbler - Why women are leading coverage of the war-torn Middle East

Crunching the numbers on self-publishing - How much profit did four writers make from online publishing platforms?

Are we journalists first? - The longstanding debate about whether and when a reporter can intervene in a story is rekindled in the age of inequality

Deep-fried grilled cheese (The Salt)

“You could probably deep-fry racism and for a minute I’d be like, you know, racism isn’t that bad”

Writing about writing about Taylor Swift’s writing (Pacific Standard)

“[P]ieces about her piece had a better chance of getting that famous BuzzFeed ‘social lift’ because of the interest in the material (or, at least, the singer)”

Data journalism needs to up its game (Nieman Journalism Lab)

“The main challenge that FiveThirtyEight and Vox (and, to a lesser extent, The Upshot) face is that they overpromised before they were launched but underdelivered after they went public”

The saddest post-World Cup front pages in Brazil (NYMag)

The despair overcomes language barriers


Greg Marx discusses democracy and news with Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute

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