And then there’s this (emphasis mine):

At year’s end, McDonald’s paid its employees - including the CEO Donald Thompson, whose salary was $8.75 million - more than $47.1 billion in wages and benefits, while earning a net income of $54.6 billion.

Morelix said that Thompson’s salary could double to $17.5 million, and every worker could earn a salary of $15 per hour, and the company’s net income would remain at $54.6 billion with his suggested price increases.

McDonald’s is the most profitable company in the history of the world? No. It earned $5.46 billion last year, not $54.6 billion. And MLive didn’t even bother to credit the original source of the misinformation, The Huffington Post.

All this is a separate question from whether low-wage workers ought to be paid much more. I think they should (though not all at once).

But get your numbers right.

(Updated to add the NYT/Forbes paragraph)

AND: Here’s a follow-up, an appalling tour of click-whoring aggregation at its worst and of fixes not made.

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