I can’t find the transcript to that particular interview, but here’s a bit from another CNN interview with Masters that day, via TVeyes.com (subscription required; the transcript is very rough). Masters is talking about the Spitzer marriage:

I would have said they were a happy couple. They are well-matched and both very bright and clearly have the same views on how to raise children, and she is better or the moderate him and judging people, and he is a charge ahead, I am right, tough guy which is of course why he is in trouble for hypocrisy and she has been the gentler more empathetic one. He genuinely seems to like her, and this is a guy whose desk is littered with photos of the kids and wife and talked about her a lot. She would come up and the—she and the kids would come up (garble). It is hard to know what is going.

Some defense. It’s just typical reporter comment, isn’t it?

Is the press perfect? No.

But it covered Spitzer’s rise, and then it covered his fall.

The problem with Strassel’s piece is that there is no evidence to support her charges. Somehow, that sounds familiar.

*Guess who?

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