The Times-Picayune/ or whatever it’s called these days:

Engelhardt revealed that a Civil Rights division attorney in Washington, D.C., also posted comments on during the Danziger trial, and the judge made it clear that Justice Department officials were reluctant to fully expose prosecutorial shenanigans.

Just as shocking, the order cited testimony from Jan Mann, who departed from the No. 2 post in Letten’s office last fall after she herself was revealed to have posted comments on In testimony revealed Tuesday, Mann claimed she told Letten about her online posting soon after the allegation against Perricone was made, and before Letten faced the public at a news conference March 15, 2012. Letten didn’t indicate having any knowledge of another prosecutor’s misconduct at that press conference, and in court proceedings last year repeatedly said Perricone was his office’s only rotten apple…

“It’s one of the most hard-hitting condemnations of the conduct of the Justice Department and several prosecutors in the Justice Department that I’ve ever seen,” said Pace University professor Bennett Gershman, a national expert on prosecutorial misconduct. “It’s a powerful expose of sleaziness, dishonesty, misconduct, egregious, flagrant - these are words the judge uses, and he’s right.”

If you ever suspected that folks in the comment streams had vested interests in what they’re talking about, now you know it’s true at least some of the time. You’d think the comment sections would be the last place you’d find federal prosecutors.

Now I have a new theory for why nobody on Wall Street actually got prosecuted for the financial crisis: The prosecutors back east were too busy mixing it up in comments on Dealbreaker and Business Insider to do their day jobs.

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