Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco slams the Twitter echo-chamber complaints about NBC’s tape-delayed Olympics coverage:

There’s something insanely white-collar elitist media circle-jerkish about all this whining about tape delays. Think about it: Some people are throwing hissy fits because NBC is showing tape-delayed events during American prime time, and in some cases those people — horrors! — have already found out who won those events via news reports and social media. If you want to watch all the live streams of events during the day via as they actually happen in London, you have to be able to authenticate that you have a cable, satellite or telco TV subscription that includes MSNBC and CNBC. (Unless, of course, you’ve taken Mashable’s advice to seek out bootleg streams.) But wait a second. How many people in America who are gainfully employed have the sorts of jobs where they can actually stop working during the day if they feel like it and instead watch the Olympics at their desks? For starters, I guess, cranky-ass bloggers who can set their own hours. But beyond the media bubble, how many white-collar office workers — let alone blue-collar workers — can really devote endless hours during the work day to watching the Olympics?

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