Planet Money is NPR’s multimedia finance and economics team, reporting news via podcasts and blog posts. Launched last year, the first Planet Money podcast was actually a co-production with
This American Life, spurred on by that progam’s reporting on the housing crisis. There’s been other collaborations, too, with The New York Times and NPR’s Morning Edition—“traditional media” if you will—but Planet Money’s leveraging the social media aspect too, with presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Called “a must read” by Paul Krugman and “one of the most informative news sites in the blogosphere” by Bill Moyers, Baseline Scenario explores issues in the global economy and develops policy proposals, brought to you by a trio of two economists and a former McKinsey consultan/current law student. Baseline Scenario also produces the super handy “Financial Crisis for Beginners”, which is just as it sounds.

Backed by he-who-yells-at-NBA-referees Mark Cuban, BailoutSleuth covers and analyzes issues related to the financial bailout. They source their information primarily from the Treasury Department, company statements, and Securities and Exchange Committee filings from TARP recipients. BailoutSleuth focuses mainly on reporting rather than making data available publically, so it’s is a resource for information and story ideas for journalists rather than a source for data.

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Jaimie Dougherty is a graduate student at Columbia's School for International and Public Affairs.