Best Business Writing, 2012: Send Us Your Favorites

Hey, Internet:

A team at the Columbia Journalism Review—yours truly, Dean Starkman, Ryan Chittum, Martha Hamilton, ex-of the WaPo and now of Politifact, and Felix Salmon of Reuters—is putting together a book of the best of the best business writing of the past, oh, 18 months or so.

To be published by Columbia University Press next spring, the book (great vacation reading!) will pull together the cream of the cream, the very best in (English-language) business writing from around the world. Team BBW2012 has been searching high and low, far and wide, etc., over any remotely business-related subject—corporate, financial economic—and from any medium: print, Web, radio, TV(?). The sources can range from mainstream (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair) to lonely blogger, alt media, journalist, non-journalist. We’re ready to read.

We’re already launched and have found some amazing things. But there’s room for more. There’s only one requirement: it must be great.

(UPDATE 9/21/11: Okay, two requirements: It should be from this calendar year, 2011. We’ve basically got enough from 2010 already. Okay, it you must, go ahead, but more recent stories will have a better chance.)

Send links to

This is a crowd-sourcing request. There’s no reward or anything. But you will have a chance to define what’s “best” in business writing, which is not a small thing.

Thanks in advance.

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