Best of 2012: Ryan Chittum

The Audit's deputy editor picks his favorite posts of the year

The Washington Post Co.’s Self-Destructive Course — Dividends, share buybacks, and an anti-paywall stance help bleed the paper dry.

CNBC: kid gloves for bankers, boxing gloves for bank critics — Interviews with Barofsky, Spitzer, and Krugman underscore the network’s capture.

Rise Above, CNBC’s move into advocacy — Corporate America’s house organ starts an anti-political political campaign.

200 Years of Citi — An alternate history.

Manufactured quotes — News organizations fail to disclose “regular Joe” businessmen’s lobbying ties.

Microsoft’s live-action press release
— Journalists hype the software giant’s new tablet.

New Orleans meets the Hamster Wheel — The fall of the Times-Picayune.

The New York Times Company in 2015 — Trendlines—as of right now—don’t point to its demise.

The WaPo Ombudsman’s Faulty Paywall Analysis — The NYT’s meter is saving or adding more than $70 million in revenue a year already.

Clearly, Quartz wants to help elites go optimize themselves — The Atlantic’s new business site enters a crowded field catering to the 0.1 percent.

Anti-paywall dead-enders — Why worry about evidence when you can argue against straw men?

Owens’s straw man army — A commentator takes 10 swings at paywalls, and misses each time.

Journal Register opens the kimono a bit — CEO John Paton gives us some hard numbers.

The coverup culture of News Corp. — A damning report from Parliament and Rupert Murdoch’s revealing response to it.

Checkbook Journalism’s Slippery Slope — Murdoch’s scandals show why paying for news is a bad idea.

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