Sources near the Watergate (that fabled bit of real estate where NJ offices are located) say women are in the running for several of the senior-level jobs the group expects to fill in the next few weeks.

And National Journal surely isn’t alone in all of this. A quick look at the top jobs at Politico, its archenemy-in-waiting, shows that women hold just 12 of 40 senior editorial jobs there.

Remember back in the spring, when Politico had some explaining to do on this front? Here’s Mediaite, from March:

Politico’s John F. Harris is on the defensive over the diversity of his staff after CNN’s Reliable Sources showed an editorial meeting that featured an all-white crowd and few women.

But that doesn’t make me feel good about it. These newsrooms are well-funded forays into a new form of journalism, and I hope the future doesn’t look like they do.

It certainly doesn’t have to. The new crop of students at Columbia’s journalism school is promising:

This year, 59 percent of those admitted to the M.S. class are female, and 41 percent are male. In the Master of Arts class, 32 percent are male, and 68 percent are female, with 33 percent coming from outside the U.S. Of the four students admitted to the doctoral program in communications, two are male and two are female, and one comes from outside the U.S. In terms of racial diversity, 25 percent of the entire class identified themselves as African American, Asian, Latino or Native American.

Here’s hoping they hang on long enough to get one of those big-brain press releases from National Journal.

Holly Yeager is CJR's Peterson Fellow, covering fiscal and economic policy. She is based in Washington and reachable at