GLICK: And every day, I have to admit it, it gets worse and worse. I mean when you talk about some of the things that we’re looking at, cap and trade right now on green gas emissions, what that’s going to do to almost all industries out there. What it’s going to do to your utility bills. When you look at what’s happened with education, student loans, Sallie Mae.

I mean.

HANNITY: Well said.

GLICK: Every single day unfortunately he’s doing something to corporate America that’s making them more and more angry.

Three days later, on March 6, Hoover Institution fellow Michael J. Boskin wrote his famous column. Guess where? The WSJ op-ed page:

Obama’s Radicalism Is Killing the Dow; A financial crisis is the worst time to change the foundations of American capitalism.

Now the Dow is up 48 percent since Obama’s inauguration and 27 percent since his election. It’s even up 6 percent from the month before the crash in September 2008. But it’s all crickets from the Murdoch organs.

What’s the lesson here? For one, it’s just worth noting how this message cycled through Murdoch’s outlets.

For another, be very skeptical of journalists you see crediting or blaming politicians for the stock market’s short-term movements. They’re almost surely hacks. There are trillions of factors that go into what the market does and noone can really know why it moves.

An amusing thing to recall, and few do, is that Obama the Commie proved to be a better market analyst than all these folks. On March 3, the president told Americans it was a good time to buy stocks:

“What you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal, if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.”

A day later, here’s Fox News’s Glenn Beck:

BECK: All right. Now, yesterday, Obama said it might be a good time to get in the market. What? If you’re crazy!

If we take stock advice from the president — this is what I want to know — is it possible to get a bailout later if he was wrong?…

Yesterday President Obama said now might be a good time to buy some stocks, because there’s some good deals out there for long-term investors, like, for instance, if you’re 12…

Hey, Penn, did you see the interview with the communist a few minutes ago?

You’d be sitting on a lot of capital if you’d followed that communist’s advice.

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