The Times typically gets about twice the traffic the WSJ does. For simplicity’s sake (I don’t know if the WSJ gets more or less per unit of traffic than the NYT does), let’s say the Journal will get half what the Times will in online ad revenue this year, or $51 million. If all visitors were equal (and they’re not!), that would imply Google brings just $11.7 million a year in ads or $978,000 a month.

Or forty cents a month per Googler. But even that’s too high, as we’ll see in my attention-spans-are-Twittered-out-so-let’s-split-this-up next post.

ADDING: I realize Murdoch is not talking just about the Journal, but I focused on it for simplicity’s (and data’s) sake.

ALSO: Added a link to said next post.

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