In other words, Fleischer isn’t hiring because he doesn’t want to or can’t pay workers the money the market (with some externalities accounted for) bears.

But the coup de grace here comes from Kevin Drum, who points out that Fleischer is the brother of Bush spin doctor Ari Fleischer.

Michael, thanks to his White House connections, was one of the squadron of free market evangelizers who parachuted into Baghdad to privatize Iraqi industry after the war.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Worse, Fleischer’s company is not exactly making money hand over fist, as a Drum correspondent notes. It lost a whopping $11.6 million on sales of $44 million last year. Since 2000, its revenues have fallen by a third (not including inflation) and its cash on hand is down 83 percent.

Mr. Fleischer should spend less time complaining about taxes and more time thinking about how he can correct 10 years of mismanagement.

Indeed. This is not the kind of company that’s going to lead a hiring boom.

Now that’s the WSJ editorial page in action.

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