15 Most-Visited Newspaper Web Sites

Neiman Journalism Lab tallied “the top 15 newspaper websites of 2008” by average monthly unique visitors (based on Nielsen Online data).

Topping the list, by far, The New York Times, with 19,503,667 average monthly unique visitors in 2008 (with a peak —21,340,000 in March— thanks to the Eliot Spitzer scandal). The rest of the top five: USA Today (10,845,000 average monthly uniques), Washington Post (10,260,167 average monthly uniques), LA Times (7,886,250 average monthly uniques), Wall Street Journal (7,169,333 average monthly uniques). Politico is 12th, with 3,113,000 average monthly uniques.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.