I contributed the portion of our roundup of Trayvon Martin coverage that focused on what had been reported about the initial police investigation, so I’m chagrined to say I missed this comprehensive tick-tock by Frances Robles that appeared last weekend in The Miami Herald.

Robles’s article is an attempt to sort out truth from rumor on a “minute by minute” basis; it details what is known about the encounter between Martin and George Zimmerman itself, but also devotes a long section to the immediate investigation by the Sanford Police Department.

The story doesn’t attempt to address every question one might have about the investigation. (E.g., did police take photos of Zimmerman’s alleged injuries?) But it very usefully brings a lot of information together in one place. And even if you have been following the case closely, it should advance your understanding of the facts (for example, Robles has Miami police experts saying it’s not unusual that Zimmerman wasn’t tested for drugs and alcohol on the night of the killing—a point I hadn’t seen before.) Definitely worth a read.

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Greg Marx is a CJR staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @gregamarx.