A “Great Debate” on CNN

Andrew Sullivan was nearly as amused/satisfied by “Michael Ware’s contempt for the corny CNN set-up” in the following recent “Great Debate” segment from CNN’s Campbell Brown show — which pitted Ware, a CNN international correspondent who reported for years from Iraq, against Marc Thiessen, a former Bush speech writer — as by what Sullivan called Ware’s “explanation of reality to the little Bushie.”

And it is (largely) for Ware’s initial eye-rolling over the segment’s set-up (could Ware really be so surprised, still, by his employer’s use of “bells and whistles” or shouting, split-screen “debates”) that I am also posting the footage. (The “Great Debate” wound down with Campbell Brown declaring it “a great debate” and Ware interrupting with, “I’d hardly call it great, Campbell.”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.