Maybe the nineteen-year-old version of you fulfilled your science requirement by pass/failing “Rocks For Jocks.” But, back then, as you searched for an easy way to a few English credits, chances are “Writing for Nonreaders” wasn’t even in the course catalog.

From McSweeneys, a course description for “ENG 371WR: Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era:”

Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era focuses on the creation of short-form prose that is not intended to be reproduced on pulp fibers.

…Students will acquire the tools needed to make their tweets glimmer with a complete lack of forethought, their Facebook updates ring with self-importance, and their blog entries shimmer with literary pithiness. All without the restraints of writing in complete sentences. w00t! w00t!

Week 3 of the class: “Students will explore the dangers of curling up by fires with books and newspapers.” Pre-reqs for the course include “ENG: 232WR—Advanced Tweeting: The Elements of Droll,” and “LIT: 209—Internet-Age Surrealistic Narcissism and Self-Absorption.” Required reading includes “the online table of contents of the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.