To watch: Race, class, & social mobility

CJR is livestreaming its panel discussion from the Newseum on Wednesday

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington—the full name of which was “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” While progress has clearly been made since 1963, there is still plenty of room for improvement in media coverage of race, class, and social mobility. Just look at the reporting on the 47%, the Violence Against Women Act, or Trayvon Martin—and those are just examples from the past year. To that end, CJR’s March/April issue featured a story package devoted to those issues.

And on Wednesday, we’re taking the discussion into realtime, when some of our sources join us for a panel discussion, sponsored by the ACLU, that will be streamed live here on our site from 8-9:30am.

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