Afflicting The Comfortable?

While talking about how hard campaigning can be, during an interview with Cindy McCain, Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren articulated for Mrs. McCain what it is that reporters do (speaking for herself? for the group?):

VAN SUSTEREN: All we do is try to find things to pick at you about, anything we can possibly unearth, that we can possibly put in the worst light possible. And this is on both sides of the aisle…

Afflicting the comfortable and all that (I guess?). This came up during Van Susteren’s sit-down with Mrs. McCain, soon after Van Susteren’s question, “Is there anything that’s been a stunner to you in terms of going out and talking across the country…you felt like, you know, you had no idea or, this is better or worse than I thought? Anything stun you?” To which McCain replied:

You know what has really stunned me is the — quite honestly, is the kind of viciousness of the media on occasion. In 2000 — there certainly’s always been, you know, differences, and the — you know, the things that occur. But this has taken on a different tenor. And I don’t know why and what’s caused that, and I’m sorry for it because I think it turns a lot of young people off.

Speaking of “viciousness,” said Van Susteren, what did McCain think of the New York Times article which, Van Susteern said, “took a whack at you over the weekend?” Mrs. McCain said she did not read it and “doesn’t really care what the New York Times thinks.”

And, much like during her one-on-one with Todd Palin, Van Susteren got in a question (though, only one) about When Cindy Met John:

VAN SUSTEREN: When you first met him, did you like him ?

MCCAIN: Yes, I did.

VAN SUSTEREN: What was it that?

MCCAIN: His humor, his tenaciousness. He’s so well read. I mean, we had the most interesting discussion the first night we met.

VAN SUSTEREN: About? Now you’ve got to tell me!

MCCAIN:…[H]e invited me for a drink, and I didn’t really know who he was. I didn’t — I had — I didn’t know anything about him. And all of a sudden, I was talking to this marvelous man. We were discussing the books we had read and the — you know, where we’d traveled and kind of the depths of each other. It was wonderful. And he’s very funny. And it was just so different from anybody I’d ever met. So it was lovely.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.