Haberman’s co-bloggers don’t quote such long passages with such little content of their own—at least not the posts I was skimming. And I would like to point out that those selected posts are far from the full extent of Haberman’s output; most of her posts either excerpt small sections or are entirely original material. We’re talking about a few bad apples in a very large barrel. But that doesn’t make it okay.

I emailed Haberman to ask her about her aggregation practices, pointing out entries that I thought excerpted too much of the source material. I heard back from Danielle Jones, Politico’s managing editor, who said:

Maggie is a scrupulously fair reporter who attempts to link back whenever she excerpts from other news sources.

We and other news organizations are constantly evaluating how and when we aggregate and our goal is to treat other news outlets the way we want to be treated.

Fittingly, Jones said Politico had “nothing to add” in regards to Jonathan Martin’s tweets.

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