In an Associated Press article headlined, “Bloomberg: A Bachelor President?” reporter Sara Kugler writes: “For all of his billions, Mayor Michael Bloomberg lacks one thing all the current presidential candidates proudly display: a spouse.”

That and, of course, a candidacy.

Kugler reports, with input from a political science professor, that it’s “very difficult to say how the American public will accept” a bachelor candidate (shouldn’t that be “would accept?”), it’s “hard to guess how the nation would react.”

Despite the difficulty of so guessing, Kugler soldiers on, chasing down various Bloomberg ex-girlfriends and securing their endorsements of their onetime beau. Eventually Kugler allows that “there is speculation that [Bloomberg] won’t run for president without first marrying [his long-time girlfriend Diana] Taylor.” As long as the AP is reporting speculation, what about speculation that he won’t run for president at all?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.