Babo’s Bird and Baked Fries

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Meanwile, a taste of how MSNBC has been covering them. Yesterday, MSNBC viewers learned critical details about the girls’ First Day of School such as:

DAVID SHUSTER: Take a look at the blue stuffed animal key chain hanging off [Sasha Obama’s] backpack. It’s an Ugly Doll. This doll is named Babo’s Bird…Parents, beware, Ugly Dolls are the in thing…perhaps, more so now, thanks to a cute Sasha Obama. First Kids have long been trend setters when it comes to toys…

And, earlier Tuesday:

CONTESSA BREWER: The Obama girls spending the first week at a new school. So what’s on the school lunch menu? We thought you should know…Check out what they’re serving for lunch today. Malia, at the upper school, can opt for tomato basil soup, various salads, Philly cheesesteaks, and baked fries. Sasha’s choices at the lower school include zucchini bread, always popular with the smaller set. French dip au jus. Are they old enough to even pronounce it? Roasted veggie melts and cinnamon orange slices. Tomorrow’s menu, a decidedly Mexican menu, nachos, fiesta rice…For those of you asking at home, is what they are having for lunch really news, consider what is in your commissary.

In other words, because some MSNBC viewers may not find in their cafeterias the array of tasty, mostly healthful options offered to students at a certain private school, that makes What’s For Lunch At Obama Girls’ School news? Next time, skip the justification. Or at least be honest: “We thought you should know” What’s For Lunch because we got our hands on the menu. In other words, because we can.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.