“Beach Body”

Perhaps you’ve seen, in some form, this image?

Politico has the background on who shot it (not a member of Obama’s traveling press corps), which publications have run it, and what the experts (on abs, the editor of Men’s Health, and on presidential imagery, Kathleen Hall Jamieson) have to say on what to make of it, who’s being disrespectful of whom/what, and not.

And while all the cable news channels are talking about the photo (and the others snapped of the Obama family in Hawaii), Fox News’s Fox & Friends thought to design a special rotating graphic for the occasion which lived, this morning, on the bottom right corner of the screen, flipping between an image of Obama’s face (not the image in question) and the words “Beach Body,” and continued to so flip even as the story above it moved on, reminding viewers, Yes, Plane Crash in Denver, but also,”Beach Body”.

(But it’s not like Obama can be mad, as Fox’s Brian Kilmeade explained: “Twelve photos are out there, and I don’t think Barack Obama could be even slightly upset, it obviously makes him look good, much like Matt Lauer was caught by surprise without a shirt on…”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.