Bill’s Back! From Liability to “Swami”

On MSNBC this morning:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Barack Obama’s biggest mistake in the campaign thus far may have been the fact he waited a month to call Bill Clinton when his advisers were begging him to …I do not understand. I didn’t understand in 2004 why John Kerry didn’t pick up the phone every day. If I were a Democrat running for office, the very first phone call I would make every day, I’m not being fecitious at all, would be to Bill Clinton, “Mr. President, they are coming at me this way. What did you do when they did this to you in ‘92? What do I need to do today?”…

ANDREA MITCHELL:…You guys are right…The best thing that Barack Obama can do at lunch [with Bill Clinton today] is say, “Okay, Master, Swami. Tell me what to do. What’s the secret word?”

Weren’t these some of the same people telling us, not so long ago, that Bill Clinton, onetime political Midas, had lost his touch —or just lost it in general?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.