By the Numbers: New Yorker’s Bachmann Profile

The following is a list of words you will encounter (and number of times) in Ryan Lizza’s fascinating, detail-packed New Yorker profile of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, headlined, “Leap of Faith. The making of a Republican front-runner.” Yes, you should probably still read all 8,700 words of Lizza’s piece yourself, if you haven’t already, but, until then, here is a taste of what awaits:

Christian/Christianity: 40

Bible/Biblical: 22

Marcus: 20

Iowa/Iowan: 19

Minnesota: 12

Conservative/s: 11

Liberty: 11

Evangelical: 9

Gay/homosexual/homosexuality: 8

Fox News: 6

Tea Party: 5

Slavery: 5

Romney: 5

Obama: 5

Economy: 4

Silver fox: 4

Drudge: 4

Palin: 3

Cargo pants: 2

Barbie: 2

Pasionaria: 1

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.