We know journalists love lists. But does a Clinton Grudge List exist? Depends, I guess, on what your definition of “exist” is.

There are pen-and-pad lists. Table-like lists maintained in Excel spreadsheets. And then there are lists that are “less formal documents than spoken diatribes, with offenders’ names spit forth in rants, gripe sessions and post-mortems.” Like the mental tallies the New York Times tells us today that some Clinton supporters have of People They’re Peeved With (i.e. people who didn’t ultimately support Hillary Clinton). A List (ho-hum) you could probably at least start to make yourself —Gov. Bill Richardson, Rep. James Clyburn— if you’ve paid at least a little attention during the primary season. A List the reporter probably made himself before digging up “three Clinton associates and campaign officials… who would speak only on condition of anonymity” to confirm The List’s (spoken word) existence — and flesh it out a bit.

This List consists of more than mere individuals (though you may be startled to learn that some Clinton supporters aren’t too keen on David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s chief strategist): “the state of Iowa and the caucus system in general are also near the top.”

And, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann: you made The List! As “charter members, Clinton associates said.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.