Comedy Central: Yes, We Can

Among urgent post-election concerns, Politico explores, “Can The Daily Show Survive Barack Obama?”

With Obama’s victory, the country was about to change, and so too was the nature of the comedy.

For the past eight years, Stewart and Colbert have gorged themselves on the carcass of the Bush administration and the disintegrated Republican Party….

Said [Daily Show contributor John] Hodgman: “As much as the show is fake news, its soul is very sincere, borne of a desire that everyone shares, that we don’t want to be lied to. If there is a whiff of insincerity [from Obama or his administration], they will be taken to task.”

The AP, too, tackles the question of What Are Stewart (and Colbert) Supposed To Do Now?

The exit of the Bush administration, some have argued, will dwindle comedic fodder. But Tuesday night’s show ended with Stewart rallying his correspondents and Colbert that their jobs would continue.

“There was a world out there before this election and there’s still a world out there,” Stewart said.

Afterward, Colbert, too, said the show would go on.

“It’s like saying nighttime news will go out of business tomorrow,” said a grinning Colbert. “Do you think that’s gonna happen?”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.