Dowd’s Notebook Dump

Every now and then, Maureen Dowd’s column reads unusually chaotic (unedited?)…. disjointed, a string of zingers without a home (until now, here, courtesy of the New York Times).

Today is such a day.

The column is, best I can describe: References to random bits of recent “news” from the campaign trail (the most important things of late, naturally, like TanningbedGate and that McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina declared that none of the candidates is CEO-material) followed by a stream of consciousness-style What MoDo Saw During Her Week in Wasilla (Dowd went to Walmart…and church(es)!) —-or, as she puts it, “sauteed myself in Sarahville.” This, of course, consists of abrupt accounts of run-ins with angry people shouting inflammatory things (one such quote, randomly, became Dowd’s headline).

Really, is there a wider point to this? Is she trying to tell us that she went all the way to Wasilla only to have confirmed many of her preconceived notions of What and Who She Would Find There? Or…?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.