E for Effort

I’ve never been a fan of live blogging, but at its best, the process can put Internet readers side-by-side with clever, charming observers weighing in with witty observations.

And sometimes, it just doesn’t work. This is Josh Marshall’s attempt at live blogging Bill Clinton’s DNC speech in total.

Waiting for Bill to start …

“I love this and I thank you …”

9:07 PM … Something about that crowd brings him back to life.

9:12 PM … Yep, that’s Bill.

9:15 PM … Hillary’s speech takes on a different look when you see it as a complement to Bill’s.

9:25 PM … Well, good speech. Very solid speech. Classic Bill. Sort of reminds me of the weird anguish of last spring, thinking we’d never see this guy again. He did what he needed to do. And he got things moving in a direction the convention needs to go.

9:28 PM … Also good that he said one thing — John McCain’s an “extremist.” We need to hear that again and again, because it has the virtue of being true.

Maybe Josh was too absorbed by Bill’s speech or maybe he was reading another live blog.

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Katia Bachko is on staff at The New Yorker.