Economic Indicator: Tonal Shift in Spam Email!

Need more reassurance than Tim Geithner declaring the economy is “getting stronger, faster,” as he did just this morning on MSNBC? Would it help to know that spam emailers are feeling bullish? To know that while an actual job offer may continue to elude you, “job offer spam” is on the rise?

Per The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog (quoting Symantec Corp.’s monthly “State of Spam & Phishing report” for April 2010):

While the United States consumer sentiment remained unchanged in March 2010, top ten subject lines containing economic keywords show that spammers have an optimistic view of the economy with job offer spam among their top spam subject lines.

Come on consumers! Doesn’t it hearten you even a little to consider that, per Symantec, spammers are now “looking to hook [you] up with ‘Finance Manager’ positions” rather than just asking if you are “looking to sell your house fast”?

And while you may have to wait a bit longer for that email “looking to hook [you] up with ‘Journalism’ positions,” there was a hint of hang-in-there optimism in this email offer that several CJR folks received yesterday from one D.L. Crumbley:

Attention Journalist,

As newspapers fold or retrench and journalists’ ranks are diminished, a Certified Investigative Reporter & Journalist credential (CIRJ) may be what you need.

The CIRJ credential should demonstrate that a reporter has shown knowledge, commitment, and a forensic approach to journalism…

…and this can all be yours with the purchase of a $325 study guide and the successful completion of (and $195 payment for) the “certification” examination!

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.