Fair and Balanced: CNN

With MSNBC taking a left turn, CNN tonight marks a course for the center.

Larry King, the elder statesmen at The Most Trusted Name in News, decided to dedicate two nights in a row to letting Republicans respond to speeches made at the DNC.

Last night offered this insightful commentary (from a write-up on CNN.com):

Conservative commentator Ben Stein said Michelle Obama’s speech “was just a mass of cliches.” He took issue with her comments about her background as a mother and wife.

“I don’t get what is so impressive about her. Lots and lots of people are mothers. Lots and lots of people have sick fathers. Lots and lots of people have children,” Stein said.

And tonight, GOP strategist Kellyanne Conway offered this backhanded compliment of Hillary Clinton’s speech: It was so good. Too good because, Conway said, it might have made some of her supporters wonder why in fact she wasn’t given a place on the ticket.

Homegirl just can’t catch a break.

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Katia Bachko is on staff at The New Yorker.