Farewell From “A Gut-Punched Newsroom”

David McCumber, the managing editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, says so long and thanks in the paper’s final print issue today.

At Slate, Jack Shafer has some advice for the online-only P-I including:

have [the homepage] change as many times an hour as humanly possible. Be there with something new every time somebody at a screen wants to have a media moment. Make the site pulse like a good news-radio station, with updates updating the updates from the news wires. Satisfy the readers’ need to know but also convey to them that every story is ongoing. (Developing! as Drudge would put it.) Follow the news. Make the news. Be the news!

Also, Shafer was not a fan of yesterday’s welcome column from the seattlepi.com’s executive producer which, he writes, “reads like an advertisement for embalming fluid.”

Liz Cox Barrett is a freelance writer and graphic designer in Kalispell, Montana. She worked as a newspaper journalist in Denver and Kalispell for 20 years.