First Day Of School Reports

From the AP’s report on Sasha Obama’s first day at Sidwell Friends school:

Sasha carried a Trans by JanSport pink, magenta and gray backpack and wore bluejeans and a brown jacket with a hood and her hair was pulled into two braided ponytails.

From Politico:

A French journalist yelled, “hoo-hoo, Malia,” – presumably trying to get their attention but getting the presidential daughters mixed up.

From “Reliable Source” columnist Amy Argetsinger of the Washington Post (via CBS News):

At a public school, it would have been that much easier for … photographers to camp out across the street to try to get pictures of them on a playground. At Sidwell Friends, you’ve got a long driveway, a lot of trees — you’ve got a real buffer of privacy.

And hence a less-evocative first-day-of school image (compare the AP’s from-the-back Sasha Obama photo below to the circa 1977 Amy-Carter-walks-alone-to-public-school-with-Snoopy-satchel photo:

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.