“For She’s a Jolly Good Journalist”

The Washington Post’s Jacqueline L. Salmon today profiles Randall Terry, onetime head of Operation Rescue, who “is trying to build a new antiabortion organization and mount a comeback,” and has been visible this week on the outskirts of the Sotomayor hearings (some of the folks who’ve interrupted the hearings so far have been Terry supporters).

E&P’s Greg Mitchell, via Twitter, wonders if this “lengthy” profile is “warranted” or are there “no standards left there” (and I assume “there” means at the Post?)

Doesn’t strike me as unwarranted, given Terry’s visibility this week and his recent move to the D.C. area, both part of his “comeback” plan (something the Post hardly paints as a sure thing).

Also? The profile gives us this:

[Terry] courts the media assiduously, with frequent phone calls and events. Recently, he offered Guinness beer and chicken wings at a media event at the National Press Club in downtown Washington.

When one reporter arrived at his house for an interview, the Terry family and several supporters greeted her with balloons, confetti, welcome signs and a hearty round of “For she’s a jolly good journalist.” Everyone, including Terry’s wife, looked delighted with their performance.

Even after the confetti shower and song, the Post’s Salmon managed to write up what strikes me as a fair — and “warranted” —piece.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.