Fox News: “Who Are We To Say It’s Not The Truth?”

"Sasquatch's Remains" In A Cooler in Georgia

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly may have just now stumbled upon a new tag line for Fox News (“Fair and Balanced” has had a good run) or any cable news channel, for that matter (that whole “The Place For This” or “The Best Team For That” stuff isn’t aging well).

“Who are we to say it’s not the truth?” is how Kelly just concluded what might be the Best. Cable. Segment. Ever. (This week, at least.)

The segment was an interview with a man “known as The Big Foot Hunter” who claims “Sasquatch’s remains” have been found in the woods in Georgia and offered Fox viewers photograph proof (some kind of lifeless, hairy ape-like thing in a plastic cooler — “the Sasquatch on ice,” Kelly ventured) which shared screen time on Fox with Fox’s “File” footage of “Big Foot” lumbering along a mountain, as the following “Fox Facts” flashed on the bottom of the screen:

Big Foot Said to Inhabit Remote Forest Areas
Big Foot Sometimes Described as Large, Hairy, Bipedal Hominoid
Big Foot Described as Being Btwn 6-10 feet Tall
Most Experts Consider Big Foot To Be Combo of Folklore, Hoaxes

Hey, who is a cable news reporter to say it’s not the truth?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.