From WaPo to HuffPo

“Will P.R. pros take the baton of investigative journalism?” wonders Tim Cavanaugh at Reason, arguing that such a baton-pass wouldn’t be as bad as, to some ears, it sounds.

Well, there’ll be an actual journalist heading up The Huffington Post’s Investigative Fund: Lawrence Roberts. Since 2004 Roberts has been the Washington Post’s investigations editor where he oversaw two Pulitzer-winning projects.

Roberts’s move might “be viewed,” E&P’s Greg Mitchell writes, “as a symbol of the decline of newspapers or at least online news sites coming of age.”

Some clue to how Roberts views his move: “With all the financial pressures roiling newspapers,” Roberts said, “it makes sense to replicate their public service and investigative mission in the nonprofit world.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.