“History,” “Destiny,” “Finally”

There are different takes and tones to the headlines greeting America this morning bearing the news that, as several papers word it, Obama “clinches” the Democratic nomination.

There’s this sequence of sorts:

(New York) Daily News: “HISTORY”

New York Post: “DESTINY”

Anniston (AL) Star: “FINALLY”

Philadelphia Daily News: “OVER THE HILL”

There’s the celebratory:

Chicago Sun-Times: “WON!”

Those that prompt that thrill-up-the-leg feeling:

San Francisco Chronicle: ” ‘America, this is our moment’”

The forward-looking:

Modesto (CA) Bee: “OBAMA V. MCCAIN”

The backward-looking:

Wall Street Journal: “Obama Clinches Nomination, Capping Historic, Bitter Contest”

The uncertain:

Detroit Free Press: “He’s in, but she’s not out”

The playing-it-safe (attribution to the candidate himself):

(South Florida) Sun-Sentinel: “OBAMA: I’M THE ONE”

And, of course, the shamelessly self-involved:

Denver Post: “ON TO DENVER”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.