How To Be a Pol-ebrity

Today Politico examines what it takes to succeed in politics these days and offers a guide to gaining political recognition. So does it take hard work? Dedication? Nah. Get a Twitter feed and willfully embroil yourself in a scandal worthy of US Weekly magazine. Politicians! They’re just like us! A sample:

The tried-and-true methods to increased visibility are just as effective as ever, says Republican consultant John Feehery. “Either get involved in a sex scandal, write a book (easiest way) or run for president,” Feehery says. “Accept every invitation to every cable outlet, learn how to master the art of the sound bite and spend a lot of time in New York and L.A.”

Crass and gimmick-y! And perhaps a reminder to the media not to automatically spill ink for every fresh-faced freshman Congressman just because he looks good in a suit, knows how to boil down his ideas and actions to 140 characters and has figured out how to use Facebook. That’s all well and good, but that’s not a story. What about the substance of those ideas and actions? Politicians are not just like us. They wield political power, let’s hold them accountable to it.

Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.